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  • The Tree of Life

    is a recognised symbol across many cultures, including the Celtic tradtion. It represents interconnectedness being linked to water, land and sky, (the three elements).

  • About Me

    I've worked as a practitioner, manager and senior manager; allowing me to provide, develop and establish services appropriate to clients

  • My Services

    I'll help you gain insight into your problems and support you to make any changes you wish to make for yourself and can help you understand and accept yourself

Crann Bethadh, Tree of Life Counselling


Welcome to my counselling website. Thank you for taking time to look around the information pages, should you have any queries please contact me.

My name is Carol Ferrie, I am a qualified and experienced counsellor registered with BACP and member of COSCA. I am also a qualified supervisor.

The name of my counselling practice in Crann Bethadh, translated from gaelic as Tree Of Life, it represents Wholeness, Interconectedness and Healing

Through counselling I offer you the opportunity to talk about and explore issues, experiences, life's challenges, and hopes pertinent to you, in a safe and welcoming environment.

Below are some of the issues I can help with:

⇒ Relationship Issues
⇒ Addiction
⇒ Anxiety
⇒ Physical Abuse
⇒ Eating Disorders
⇒ Depression
⇒ Sexual Abuse
⇒ Phobias
⇒ Stress
⇒ Emotional Abuse
⇒ Anger Management